Welcome to The Gray Willow.  I’m so glad you’re following along with our everyday adventures.

I’ll start the introductions with Josiah, fervent daydreamer and entrepreneur.  He’s started several businesses and websites in his day.  Joe is as funny as he is ambitious, and to compare him to Robert Petrie (The Dyke Van Dyke Show) wouldn’t be a stretch.  Joe isn’t afraid to go out on a limb, especially if he thinks it’ll make people laugh.  Lighthearted and fearless, sometimes he puts on full baseball gear in the mall or tries an elliptical in front of a store full of people just because Noah was curious.  He’s 6’7 and I’d swear six feet of him is peanut butter.


I’m Hannah, lover of all things gray and comfy.  Jeans and tee shirts are my daily uniform—practical trumps trendy any day in my book.  I’m fluent in Friends and The Andy Griffith show and while we’re on the subject I’m more than slightly obsessed with crime shows (especially Dateline or Snapped).  Fresh flowers make my heart skip a beat but I have a black thumb when it comes to potted plants.


Next up is Noah, admirer of trucks and bouncy balls.  And basket balls.  And golf balls.  And soccer balls….you get the idea.  He’d play in water (the sink or bathtub) until he was one big wrinkle if we’d let him.  He’s as smart as he is determined and is already trying his hand at cutting a deal.  Workbooks and sorting are just as fun as a game to him but he can throw a mean karate punch into his newly acquired punching bag.  His current aspirations include being a garbage man or a chef.


Hadley is next, avid dancer and wiggle worm.  As soon as music starts, Haddie starts grooving.  Our little acrobat gains us onlookers everywhere, from the grocery to church, as they admire her stunts and our ability to wrangle her.  She’s developing a screech that puts the house on high alert until she starts laughing when you run to check on her.  She prefers Noah’s toys to her own and holds a special place for the Hulk and Buzzlight Year.


Last but not least is Dexter, our four-legged snuggle monster.  He stalks Haddie, who sneaks him puffs and when he’s extra lucky some fall off her clothes when we pick her up from her highchair.  Walks, squeak toys, and a freshly washed bed make life worth living but don’t even think about feeding him a dog treat from the dollar bin because plain and simple, he ain’t having it—a dog has to have standards after all.

Josiah and I were high school sweethearts.  He was on the basketball team and I was a cheerleader—I know, we’re too cool.  We got engaged in college and tied the knot in July 2012.


After several moves we’ve finally settled back into our first home. We usually travel in mass, and on weekends you can find us walking around the mall with an ill-prepared diaper bags, eating soft pretzels.


Welcome to our beautifully average lives–and my attempts at nesting.