casserole: part two


A second round of thoughts that weren’t long enough for their own post so I’m pretending they’re cohesive.  Enjoy.


1)  It’s Monday night which roses and awkward group dates around here.  Anybody else a faithful Bachelor watcher?  Monday nights I’m an extra-excellent mama and lay my kids down a half an hour early so I don’t miss a single dramatic moment.  Yes, we’re one of the last homes around without a DVR.  In fact, we watch The Bachelor and Dateline on a good ol’ fashioned antenna.  We’re fancy.


2)  Josiah and I made our first attempt at vlogging this weekend.  My fears were confirmed when we watched all the snippets (about an hour all together) and realized that we’re as awkward as we thought.  To all the vloggers out there, how do you do it?  We let the camera roll and caught everything from sing-a-longs to budget meetings with a few funny moments stringing them together but other than that we’re pretty boring.  Shocker.


3)  Lately I’ve carved out time to rekindle my love for design and started rearranging pictures, mirrors and lamps throughout the house.  Mood boards abound and with each addition to my paint sample collection Josiah get’s more and more nervous.  I wish I could say I limit my obsession to our house, but I’ve also started asking my family to describe their dream home in four words and making secret Pinterest boards for them, too.  No need to thank me.  If you know anybody looking for unsolicited design advice, send them my way—chances are I already have a mood board started.


4)  Anybody else struggling with mom guilt?  We’re at a really fun age of exploration with both kiddos but unfortunately that also means exploring feelings, hitting, and tantrums.  During the day it feels like a whirlwind and then, when the house is quiet, I sit here beating myself up for being too hard on them, not playing with them enough, the lack of variety in their diets or that their socks never match.  Last week we had a wonderful playdate.  Noah played.  Haddie slept.  And I had honest conversation with a friend.  There really is safety in numbers because after we talked I felt so much better that I’m not the only one on the crazy train (some days driving but who’s counting).


5)  My capsule wardrobe is off to a roaring start.  I only have a few pieces so far but I’ve gotten ready for a solid week without a hint of a nervous breakdown!  It’s GLORIOUS!  I wear the same pieces over and over but for me, there’s comfort in knowing I’m getting my monies worth out of more expensive pieces (which for me means $70 jeans).  I have a few tops and a pair of jeans coming from American Eagle and then I’m hoping to do a few pictures to show what I have so far, if I get up the nerve to have pictures taken of me by myself.  I know you’re waiting with bated breath.  American Eagle are my fav-o-rite jeans but for some reason I don’t feel entirely welcome in the store with the kiddos in tow.  I guess some teens don’t like fish crackers and cartoons (or screaming kids)—who’d a thought.

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