fighting the frump.

I’ve never been a fashion person.  Even in high school or college when I had hours to get ready I was a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal.  It’s not that I don’t care it’s just that cutting edge fashion doesn’t take priority of my time or money.  That being said, lately I feel myself on the slippery slope to frumpy.  A fitted t-shirt and jeans has downgraded to sweats and an oversized sports t-shirt.  Most days the kiddos are awake before I am, because who wants to get up before 5? Not I.  On those 5 am mornings, I find myself in my “comfies” well past lunch (ok, maybe more like 2p).  It’s easy to excuse the mom frump when you’re in the trenches.  When drool and snot become normal accessories.  But then again, I’m still in my twenties.  Not that it’s ever a good idea to submit to snot, but especially not now.  I’ll never be a fashionista.  My daily “uniform” will always need to be practical, which suits me just fine because I’m a practical person.  Dangly earrings and designer sweaters wouldn’t be on my radar even if I didn’t have a one year old ready to snatch the earrings from my unsuspecting ears or a three year old to wipe his PB&J off on my sweater. (For your viewing pleasure, some of my everyday glamour. You’re welcome.)



I did some research on the ever faithful Pinterest and found several capsule wardrobes I loved.  Some were more practical for my phase of life than others.  I decided to focus on easy to care for (aka easy to clean) tees and well fitting but comfortable sweats and a couple pairs of jeans.  I’m not going to pretend that jeans are the norm around here but I did want the option.  I also want to have on some form of jewelry in addition to my wedding ring.  Again, nothing too intricate but a couple pairs of Lauren Conrad posts would do me fine.  I’m not looking to win any beauty contests but I’d rather not hide from the UPS man when he rings the doorbell.  I don’t need to redo my entire closet but replacing some pieces with better fitting options is a must to feeling girly again.

For Christmas I got an H&M giftcard, that was burning a hole in my pocket.  I bee-lined it for the mall and snagged three great pieces to start moving out of Frumptown to add to the things that fit into the capsule wardrobe I chose.

What’s New

1) Some tighter jeans to wear with tunics and loose fitting tops

2) A long-mustard tunic.  It’s simple and easy to accessorize but it’s not low cut which is key with littles.

3) A v-neck, fitted sweater.  I got it for date-night or girls night (aka: a kid free evening).  It’s not inappropriate certainly, just a little low for nose wiping and toy recovery.

Tried and True

4) American Eagle Vintage, high-waisted jeans.  I love these jeans.  They’re a great compromise between skinny jeans and boyfriend fit.  Bonus, they’re high-rise so there’s no gap between my shirt and pats when I’m wrangling kiddos in the floor.

5) Old Navy Tees. (boyfriend fit)  Soft.  Comfortable.  Cheap.  A triple crown in my book.

6) Grey-iege Sweater.  My sister got this sweater for my brithday (or Christmas?) a year ago.  It was an instant hit and super versatile.

7) Gray Sweatshirts/Sweaters.  Again, my sister got this zipper sweatshirt/sweater for me a couple years back and I’ve worn the fire out of it.  It’s my go-to, especially on days when I can’t find anything to wear, and it hasn’t let me down yet.  My gray and white lace sweatshirt my brother-in-law and sister-in-law brought me back from Italy and I love it.  You guessed it, soft, gray and comfy but the lace makes it look dressier than it really is.  What could be better?

8)  An army green jacket (light weight)

9) Ankle Boots

10) Neutral Ballet Flats

11) Piper + Scoot Dress (mid-length)

12) Baseball shirt.  I got a new gray and blue baseball t-shirt for Christmas and I wear it constantly.  On the front, in white letters, it says “She’s a good girl, loves her mama, loves Jesus and Kentucky too”

13)  White Sweater + Turtleneck.

14) Cardigans.

Next up on my “to-buy” list are some neutral fitted tees, a blanket scarf, a couple long sleeved tees and some new camis.  My list is evolving but I like knowing what the next priority is so I don’t burn through cash and realize I have nothing to wear with it.

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