gender reveal.

Back in October we went to my brother-in-law+ sister-in-law’s for a gender reveal party.  The day started like most Sundays, with us frantically getting ready for church.  It’s amazing really.  Sunday always seems to sneak up on us—as if we didn’t see it coming.  We’ve been faithfully attending our church as a family of four for almost a year now and we’re still getting the hang of getting out the door on time.  Anyway, after church Josiah had some work to finish on our fixer-upper so I headed to mom + dad’s with the kiddos (and Dexter).  A fairly uneventful afternoon came + went.  Talking, eating, playing in the floor with Noah + Haddie.  Is it just me or does doing nothing at somebody else’s house always feel better?  At home nothing sometimes means boring but being away nothing is oh, so relaxing.  Anyway, Joe and dad finished up their work and headed back in time to head to the party.  Being the overly prepared person I am, we made a quick pit stop on the way for Doritos to offer as a meager side dish.  Kiddos + dog in tow we arrived at the party fashionably late as usual.  Dinner + mingling went off without a hitch and it was finally time to see if we’d be welcoming a niece or nephew come March.  Allow me to backpedal for the backstory.  When my brother-in-law (Josh) proposed to my sister-in-law (Lynzie) he carved a pumpkin of a man down on one knee prosing, so sweet + creative.  The man has serious carving skills.  So, when Josh + Lynzie walked into the backyard carrying a pumpkin they were keeping with tradition.  When they turned it around a heart opening revealed a little pumpkin inside that was painted blue! A nephew!  Let me pause here to say that boys are running the board in our family.  So far I have two nephews with two more on the way, plus Noey!  Haddie’s flying solo in the girl camp—so far.  Anyway, everybody was excited and asking if they had a name picked out.  A few minutes later Lynzie walks up laughing.  “Noah just walked up to me,” she started. I started laughing too, half from fear. “His eyes got big and he said ‘You’re baby’s gonna be blue!’”  Over the next few days Noah has proudly announced that he’s going to have a new cousin…”and it’s a pumpkin!”  For your viewing pleasure, a picture of Noah with his new cousin, Blue Pumpkin.

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