1)  Lately Haddie has been mean-mugging everybody.  From grocery store cashiers to my granddaddy.  It’s super fun.  You’re standing in the grocery holding a blue-eyed beautiful baby, an unsuspecting person walks up to compliment her eyelashes and BAM!  Sweet smiley baby makes Oscar the Grouch look like a social butterfly.  “She’s teething.”  “She just woke up.” “It’s naptime.”  All solid excuses but I think they see through me.  Hadley is typically a sweet happy baby at home but when we step foot into unfamiliar territory or somebody comes over—game on.

2)  When Hadley grows up I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she decided to be a stunt double.  When crawling became the norm I broke out the pack ‘n’ play to help corral her when I needed to leave the room.  At first she was content but now she uses whatever toy is the biggest to stand on while she holds onto the sides, typically the box from her sorting toy or a ball.  She also loves to stand up in the seat of Noah’s power wheels truck while she holds onto the steering wheel or wiggle until she’s upside down while you’re holding her.  Nice skills to round out the ol’ resume.


3)  Mid-December we started giving Haddie cupcakes so she could “practice” for the cake-smash at her birthday party.  We needn’t have worried because the girl’s got skills.  She starts dancing when she sees a cupcake coming and destroys it in 10 seconds flat.  Only three test runs and she’s party ready, I’m one proud momma.

4) The other day I was sitting in the floor with Haddie and Joe was in the kitchen.  I saw her chewing something but I had given her puffs earlier and assumed she found a stray.  Joe came in and asked if I knew she had something in her mouth so I decided to double check.  Nope, not a puff.  Chalk.  I’m going for mom of the year.

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