master bedroom: inspiration

Furniture, curtains, and rugs ebb and flow through our house as my style evolves.  Most rooms in our house are painted in shades of greyiege (with the exception of Haddie’s room, the laundry room and the master bathroom) for that very purpose.  It’s easier to transition items from room to room when there is a common “theme” or color palette.  Anyway, late last summer I gave some of the rooms in our house a face lift and stalled out as winter (aka.  two December birthdays and Christmas) hit.  I got closer to the style I ultimately want but we aren’t quite there.  In a dream world the process be like the shows I drool over on TV.  Over a series of weeks or months your house would be designed and there would be one big reveal.  But there are a couple big problems with that.  Anytime I have overhauled a room I ultimately end up changing something anyway and feel I wasted money when I replace something I thought was perfect at the time.  Secondly, budget doesn’t really allow for entire room redos no matter how DIY or budget friendly.  I started looking for inspiration rooms (which is where I always start) to give myself some guidance on what to buy when the time was right.  I don’t usually go for labels but I would describe my style as Mid-Century Modern (but with softer edges).  The inspiration pictures are very similar which I prefer to think of as comforting instead of boring because it reaffirms that I like what I like.  Anywho, the common denominator in my dream rooms are light + airy, layered bedding, chunky area rug, and a tufted headboard.  For a while I batted around the idea of an iron bed but it doesn’t resolve the problem with our current sleigh bed.  Problem being, that my dear, sweet husband is a giant (6’7”) and the footboard means he was to sleep northeast to southwest in our bed leaving me a meager 1/4 of our bed—thanks but no thanks.  I would also love to recover the gorgeous wing-back chair I bought at a yard sale several years ago.  I found fabric by the yard that I’m in love with but it’s a splurge and my penny pinching brain can’t stand to fork over the dough—yet.  Rounding out the DIY list is to refinish our nightstands and newly acquired wooden dresser.  Slowly but surely I’m hoping to tackle these to-dos over the next month or so but we shall see.   Following the design craziness on Pinterest? (links and image credit can be found via Pinterest)

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