roses are red, violets are blue, zebras make cake too.

Noah hasn’t officially started school yet but we try to work learning into everyday.  Mom picked up a couple workbooks for us from Costco back in the fall and he got more in his stocking.  Magnetic letters and numbers and educational apps round out his current “curriculum” (and I’m playing it pretty fast and loose with the word curriculum).  Anyway, as things come up in conversation I try to take advantage of the opportunity.  Noah has entered the where, why, what phase.  “Where’s that twuck goin’, Mommy?”  “What makes the cwouwds (clouds)?”  “Why we bwush ouw teef?”  It’s so fun to see the wheels turn in what has become everyday things but let’s be real, it’s also exhausting.  I never considered looking up the science behind why exhaust comes out of our car or why red means stop–but Noey does.  Sweet little analytical thing.  The other day I was cooking and trying to keep him engaged while he waited for me to come play.

Me:  “Buddy, did you know eggs come from chickens?”

Noah:  “Wow…dat’s so coow, Mommy.”

Me:  “And milk comes from cows”

Noah:  “It does? Mommy, can I pway waters?”


From his level of interest I assumed he didn’t really care or had lost interest.  Either way I had bought enough time to finish dinner and we were off to the next thing.  I had forgotten about our little food lesson until we were walking through the grocery a few days later.  We were cutting through the snack food aisle making a mad dash for the checkout (before everybody lost their patience).

Noah:  Mommy!

Me (half distracted):  Yeah, bud.

Noah: Did you know cake comes fwum ZEBWAS?!

He grabbed my hand and showed me proof positive—it’s hard to argue when he’s pointing straight at the zebra cakes.  We might need to revisit the food pyramid sometime but for now, cake comes from zebras if anybody needs to know.

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