I don’t transition gracefully—at all.  I’m not one of those easy going, savor every flavor kinda gals.  I find something I like and I squeeze the life out of it until someone or something forces me to move on.  Emotional attachment is my default.  This winter my parents’ changed the knob on their backdoor because their old one broke and I nearly cried.  Like I said, change isn’t my strong suit.  Each time we move, switch cars or cell phone carries it feels like we gave up on something or failed instead of that we’re just shifting gears.  Change doesn’t seem exciting to me at first, at least not typically.  Joe and I have been married almost five years and during that time we’ve made several…course corrections.  Budgets and priorities have been rearranged multiple times.  I’ve started blogging (twice) and closed down a business.  At the time each of those changes felt like a blemish on my record of consistency, dependability, or dedication.  During that time we’ve made some poor financial decisions, like some newly weds do.  We explored our financial freedom straight into debt.  A couple of months ago Josiah and I decided to climb back onto the wagon of financial freedom via Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  Part of that decision was me applying for a part time, seasonal job.  We wanted to tackle our debt head-on and as quickly as possible.  Tonight I was driving home from training when it hit me—seasonal.  Seasonal.  Just like this new job, things in life can be, by design, seasonal.  Whether we intend for them to be or not,whether we like it or not,some things in our lives are good for us only for a season.  Some things aren’t meant to be permanent fixtures for us, even if they are for others.  Sometimes they come back around but not always.  But you know what?  It’s ok.  It doesn’t change the core of who you are if you want/need to make a change.  If a course correction needs to made.   If you flat out change your mind.  It doesn’t make you flaky or uncommitted.  There’s grace there, too because some things I’m ready to leave behind.  This week was tough.  Not bad, just tough.  Joe and I traded shifts from work to kiddos three days this week and we alternated working the other four days.  He added real estate into the mix and the kids and I fought colds.  But like I said, there’s grace in that, too.  We aren’t the first or only people to work extra long days or take extra shifts.  We know that there’s long term gain in short term sacrifice—seasonal sacrifice if you will. 

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