there are two kinds of people.

Earlier this week we were one of those families in Wal-Mart.  Don’t play, you know the kind.  The kind that has the kid screaming bloody murder in the next aisle, check out lane, parking space,you  fill in the blank.  I’ve subconsciously judged those families so many times, even if it’s just for a second before compassion sets in.  Anyway, there we were—me and the kiddos.  It was one of those days when we had to run errands all day. ALL DAY.  Noah and Hadley were tired, hungry, and over it.  Noah wanted to rearrange every last thing in the checkout lane and Haddie was bucking like a bronco in the cart.  I finally told Noey he had to ride which did NOT set well with a curious and mischievous three year old.  Haddie finally decided the world wasn’t going to end if she got to hold the debit card and Noah was content rearranging the buggy.  Then, they even started to smile.  Smiles grew to laughter and I was starting to feel pretty good about my mad momma skills.  That’s when I realized the guy behind us in line was making funny faces at them.  I was grateful for the help and started to get tickled, too.  Finally, the snail of a cashier, bless his soul, finished “beeping” our stuff and gave me the total.  I was still distracted by face man and grabbed the card from Hadley without warning.  My dear, sweet, bundle of giggles transformed into…I don’t even know what.  She let out a blood curdling SCREAM and started kicking and waving her arms in a full on tantrum.  That’s when the cashier in the lane next to us decided to join the fun.  She turned around, eyebrows raised, lips tight and let out a sharp “Oh, my!  Somebody’s not happy.”  The moral of my story is this:  there are two types of people, funny face man and eyebrow lady.  Don’t be eyebrow lady.  It’s easier to be eyebrow lady.  You think your sweet angel would never throw a tantrum over a debit card.  Maybe the temper-tantrum king ruined a dining experience for you.  You have two choices: make it better or worse.  Give an understanding smile or a condescending look.  The choice is yours but from a recipient of both, please, please be funny-face man.  It takes so little and helps so much.  In case you were wondering, wine helps too…but that’s a story for another day.  Winking smile

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