Dear Twenty-Six,

To be honest I wasn’t thrilled about meeting you.  Don’t get me wrong, I was very thankful to be meeting you but something about you felt different than your friends.  Eighteen was great.  She offered freedom and responsibility like I’d never encountered and although she was a handful, we became fast friends.  I looked forward to seeing her come and hated to see her go.  Twenty-one was just as wonderful a companion.  She was with me when I said “I do” and embarked on married life.  Then came twenty-five.  She was something of a fair weather friend.  She brought hardship like none of her predecessors had but through thick and thin we learned and grew together.  As the New Year gave way to Valentine’s Day I knew you were just around the corner.  Like I said I was a little hesitant about you.  I always imagined us meeting, even becoming pals, but never what you would be like or the ins and outs of the adventures we would take together like I did with your younger friends.  As you approached all I could think of was that I was on my way to the next big one: thirty.  As it turns out, you aren’t as intimidating as I imagined.  We may have gotten off to a rocky introduction with the chaos that surrounds me some days.  Granted, I’ve known you less than 24 hours, but I can see accomplishing great things together.  I want to set up some goals for us to try to reach, maybe some new destinations to see or a book to read, skills to learn or recipes to try.  We’ll have to play it by ear I suppose.  All I know is that you better be nicer than fourteen (with the braces, the awkwardness, and acne), try to be as loving and adventurous as 21, and don’t even think about pulling some of the stunts twenty-five did—my nerves can’t handle it.



Your new friend.

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