bullet point journal: our week in a nut shell


Saturday:  Rearranged art + pictures in the living room, again.  100th times the charm.


Sunday:  Scouted old abandoned houses for potential “forever homes”, eventually.  Called one owner who lives in California and for some crazy reason she thought I was a stalker, may need to reconsider my opening line.


Monday:  Tried to canvas the neighborhood with Joe’s door hangers for real estate but after one “NO SOLICITING” sign, three angry dogs, and two popsicle babies we headed home defeated.  Will try again this weekend.


Tuesday: Noah accidently peed on Hadley.  She walked in.  Surprised him.  He missed.


Wednesday:  The easy installation kit isn’t so easy when your cable cord is severed coming into the house.  Tech guy scheduled for Saturday.


Thursday:  Driving to the hospital Noah asked if my new nephew “popped” out of his mommy’s belly.  Me:  “Yep, buddy.”  Then Silence. Noah:  “And Jesus is in our hearts? “  Me: “Yeah.”  Noah:  “Will He pop out?”


Friday:  Leaving the hospital we saw a traffic safety driver texting and driving.

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